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We carry everything from cattle supplements, salt blocks, trace mineral blocks, horse supplements, cat food and dog food

Supplement tubs
16 All Natural Supplement Tubs (90 kg)
22-10 Supplement Tubs (90kg)
Maxi Supplement Tubs (90kg)
Mineral Block Tubs (90kg)
All tubs can be ordered in either bio-degradable or plastic

Horse Supplements
Front Runner Tubs (27 kg)
Front Runner 12% (27 kg)
Front Runner 14% Senior (27 kg)
Oats, Rolled with Vegetable Oil

Pet Food
Cat Stars (40 lb)
Happy Hound (50 lb)
Imperial Choice (40 lb)


Contact Fred Sehn for any feed related questions
(403) 867-2436


We are your local Masterfeeds dealer. Masterfeeds products can be viewed here.


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